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PROcomputerPROcomputer. (Before 2002 — “Computer’s World”.)
Genre — information program.
Timing — 26 minutes.
In 1999 “PROcomputer” became a laureate of INTEL AWARD in the nomination “The Best Computer Program in the CIS and Baltic States”; in 2002 it was nominated for the prize “Golden Pen — 2001”.

Informative, entertaining program on the computer issues, new technologies in the production of computers, cell phones, the Internet, computer games. The program is focused primarily on individual users and those who were in contact with the computer at work, home and leisure. Narrator — Vladimir Bogdanov.

Vladimir Bogdanov

Narrator Vladimir Bogdanov

The program consisted of several sections:

Pavel Vilkov

«Test Drive» — the most objective tests from a specialist Pavel Vilkov.

Andrey Solovyov

«Mobile World» — about mobile technologies.
Moderator — Andrey Solovyov

Tatyana Osekina

«News» — of computer business, telecommunications and computer games.
Presenter: Tatyana Osekina.

Dmitry Dovzhenko

«The Internet» — is about various useful programs and utilities.
Moderator — Dmitry Dovzhenko.

Stanislav Kontsevich

«Games» — section is devoted to new computer games.
The main games — Stanislav Kontsevich.

The program was broadcasted from 1998 to 2005.

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