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Surprise me!

Genre — talent show.
Timing — 46 minutes.

Show of fashionable magicians who work in the genre of micromagic, mentalism and manipulation. 16 the best of the best magicians of Russia, selected by a special casting presented in this program.

Battling for the title the best of the best in the world of illusions, they held 3 rounds. Their task is to surprise the inexperienced audience in the most unpredictable location. At the end of each send one participant selected by the jury leaves the project. A “star jury” is invited to appreciate the magical abilities of the participants. After the first round 12 people will remain, only 8 will overcome the second round, but only one, and subjugated rebellious nature of the jury, will be going to Las Vegas to a show of the best illusionists of the planet.

Presenter — Oscar Kuchera.

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