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TV Show “Surprise me!” – “Production design of show/project” 2011

TV Show “Personal belongings” – “Infotainment show. Lifestyle” 2010

About us

Producer center “PCpromotion” was founded in 1998 as the only one specialized production center, dedicated to the promotion of high technologies in Russia. The program “Computer’s World” was the first on the national television, which told about the computer technologies, cellular communication and computer games. Having proved itself on the television market on the professional side, further “PCpromotion” took a large number of TV programs, commercials and movies on a variety of topics for national and local channels.

Production of “PCpromotion” is successfully sold through the distribution network in the CIS and abroad. Producer centre works with the best directors, scriptwriters, television presenters, cameramen and editors. Today “PCpromotion” is one of the largest production studios in the North-West of Russia.

Our resources

Programs of “PCpromotion” were many times nominated and got numerous prestigious awards. In 1999 “PROcomputer” television program became a laureate of INTEL Award in the nomination “The Best computer program in the CIS and Baltic States”; and in 2002 it was nominated for the prize “Golden pen — 2001”. In 2002 “Night stranger” series was nominated for the prize “Golden pen” in the nomination “Debut of the year”.

We have a modern hardware-studio complex in the center of Saint Petersburg and are ready to execute an order of any complexity. But more important thing is the team of highly qualified staff with extensive experience both at the Central (ORT, RTR, NTV, TVC), and local channels.